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WE day vancouver was amazeballs

- ? Oct 18th 2012

Anonymous said: what are your extracurriculars?

school newspaper publisher, leadership class - lots of organizing events/outside volunteering, art portfolio club w/ various other “extra” projects, grad committee - organizes school dances + fundraisers, art class on weekends, and some other minor clubs/groups i help out with occasionally. i’ve also somehow become the designated poster/logo designer for most of these groups… aaaaand i’m starting peer tutoring sometime next week + i recently signed up to be a blood drive volunteer. and this probably doesn’t count but on top of all of that i have a job now so omfg PLEASE KILL ME NOW i’m not even supposed to be on tumblr right now sobb

- ? Oct 17th 2012

Anonymous said: what age did you make your tumblr? when you made it did you have to post a chunk of your art all at once?

i think i made my tumblr around the same time i made my dA, so, 15?  and no, if i remember correctly, i didn’t have a lot of artwork to even begin with, since i got my tablet around that time as well. 

(on an unrelated note UGH SORRY MY BLOG/dA IS DEAD senior year is busy as hell and i’m literally drowning in school and work and extracurriculars SAVE ME)

- ? Oct 15th 2012

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i was eating a waffle and i actually spit it out

i was eating a waffle and i actually spit it out

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- ? Oct 8th 2012